NGC1977 – The Running Man Nebula

NGC 1977 The Running Man Nebula
The Running Man Nebula, photographed in December 2019

The Running Man Nebula

The Running Man Nebula (NGC 1977) is just off of the much larger Orion Nebula. It also forms the top “star” in Orion’s sword.

Capture Details

Frames: 15×180″ (gain: 240.00)
Integration: 0.8 hours
Darks: ~20
Flats: ~20
Bias: ~30
Avg. Moon age: 10.24 days
Avg. Moon phase: 78.59%
Temperature: -12.00

RA center: 5h 35′ 36″
DEC center: -4° 48′ 54″
Pixel scale: 1.317 arcsec/pixel
Orientation: 215.755 degrees
Field radius: 0.443 degrees

Full capture details at Astrobin:

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