Orion Complex, taken in December 2019
The center of the constellation Orion, featuring 2 of the 3 belt stars, and the Running Man & Orion Nebulas as part of the sword. Click for full image.

Tonight I had two telescopes out to capture the night sky, primarily focusing my astrophotography efforts on the constellation Orion.

December is early for me to photography Orion. Although it’s been rising earlier and earlier each night, I tend to get around to Orion later in it’s season. But tonight I was excited as it was my first real attempt from the cottage with the big guns.

The Redcat 51 & Canon T6 camera preformed decently well with the iOptron Skytracker Pro. After buying the counterweight adapter last summer, it seems more capable of taking the payload capacity of the heavy telescope & camera although I do see it struggle on occasion. Thankfully, it was a cold enough night that cooling didn’t present too much of a problem.

Other photos taken by the Celestron 8″ SCT telescope on the same night:

Comparison between 8″ SCT & RedCat51

Comparison shot between the 1200mm (with focal reducer) SCT and the 250mm RedCat 51. The photos for the Orion & Horsehead nebulas were taken a week earlier.
Click for larger image.

Capture & Processing Details

Frames: 146×60″ (gain: 240.00)
Integration: 2.4 hours
Darks: ~20
Bias: ~20
Avg. Moon age: 10.24 days
Avg. Moon phase: 78.59%

Astrometry.net job: 3109744
RA center: 5h 37′ 41″
DEC center: -3° 34′ 26″
Pixel scale: 14.539 arcsec/pixel
Orientation: 351.964 degrees
Field radius: 3.016 degrees

Click here for full capture details on Astrobin

More of my Orion 2019/2020 Photos

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