Messier 101, the Pinwheel Galaxy. Taken with Celestron 8" SCT
Messier 101, the Pinwheel Galaxy. Taken with Celestron 8″ SCT

Messier 101 – The Pinwheel Galaxy

Collimated the 8″ Celestron SCT last night in between clouds rolling by. What was supposed to be just a night of work on gear & tech turned into a mini imaging session with good results.

M101, the Pinwheel Galaxy, is a favourite of galaxy season. Hanging around the Big Dipper, this face on spiral galaxy is bright and easy to capture… one that I love to revisit every year to see progression on my skills!

Capture Details

Frames: 37×180″
Integration: 1.9 hours
Avg. Moon age: 23.21 days
Avg. Moon phase: 38.76%

RA center: 14h 3′ 16″
DEC center: +54° 23′ 20″
Pixel scale: 0.717 arcsec/pixel
Orientation: 121.595 degrees
Field radius: 0.444 degrees

Full capture details:

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