Messier 96 Galaxy photographed March 2020
Messier 96 Galaxy photographed March 2020

Messier 96

From Wikipedia: Messier 96 (also known as M96 or NGC 3368) is an intermediate spiral galaxy about 31 million light-years away in the constellation Leo (the Lion). It was discovered by French astronomer Pierre Méchain on March 20, 1781. After communicating his finding, French astronomer Charles Messier confirmed the finding four days later and added it to his catalogue of nebulous objects. Finding this object is extremely difficult with binoculars. With a telescope of 25.4 cm (10.0 in) aperture, the galaxy is visible as a 3 × 5 arcminute halo with a brighter core region.

Capture Details

Frames: 9×180″
Integration: 0.5 hours
Avg. Moon age: 27.84 days
Avg. Moon phase: 3.21%

RA center: 10h 46′ 46″
DEC center: +11° 49′ 58″
Pixel scale: 0.718 arcsec/pixel
Orientation: 120.119 degrees
Field radius: 0.293 degrees

Full capture details:

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