Planetary Photography: Venus

The planet Venus, taken on just after sunset on Thursday, April 16th 2020

Even though my first photo was of a planet (Saturn), I never really took to planetary photography. I had quickly moved on from the “wow I can see the rings” to wanting to see distant galaxies and faint nebula. Even with the much-covered conjunction of Venus and the Pleiades earlier this month, I havent been inspired enough to bring out the widefield setup.

However, seeing pale yellow Venus’s crescent is something to behold. Considering how amazingly bright Venus is in the western sky, we’re only seeing a portion of the planet lit up by the Sun. Because the planet is closer to the Sun than we are, it always appears in some form of crescent of various degrees depending on our relative orbital positions.

If you’ve looked up into the sky recently and thought that Venus is brighter than normal, you’re not wrong. We’re at a point in our orbit & Venus’s orbit that we’re both relatively close together, and relatively closest to the Sun.

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