NGC2392: The Eskimo Nebula

The tiny Eskimo Nebula, NGC 2392
NGC 2392 – the tiny Ekimo Nebula (also known as the Clownface Nebula). Click for full image.
Pegasus Astro Powerbox environmental sensor data.
My Pegasus Astro Powerbox environmental sensor data.

After a warm kick off to the month, April has turned bitterly cold. For clear sky watchers like ourselves, it’s been great. Cold clear skies normally mean less humidity, and improved seeing conditions. But there’s a point of the year I begin to year for evenings I can stay outside all night (bugs aside). We’re well beyond that point.

Wednesday barely got above freezing during the day, and dipped to a chilly -7C at night. Although I missed the peek of the annual Lyrids meteor shower on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, I took the chance at capturing a few shoot stars in the North East part of the sky.

I’m planning on doing more Star Trails this summer, so I figured I’d take advantage of the New Moon and shoot over the neighbour’s cottage. And surprisingly, all three setups worked relatively well.

I came across the Eskimo Nebula/Clownface Nebula as Astrobin’s Image of the Day this week. The planetary nebula is bright, with lots of detail at it’s core created by a very energetic star. It presented a chan

Setting in the west in the early evening, I only had a few hours to capture. Without the moon and a super low humidity, I thought I had the best chance at capturing the detail of the nebula. Unfortunately, it’s a few steps too far for my skills & equipment at this point, but I was able to capture the individual green layers of NGC 2392.

Why is it called the Eskimo Nebula? Picture someone’s head surrounded by a parka hood. The term Eskimo isn’t used in Canada, so I’m proposing we rename it to a more visually similar & iconic character – The Kenny Nebula.

Capture & Processing NGC2392/Eskimo Nebula

Observatory & 2 camera setup on the deck.
Observatory & 2 camera setup on the deck. Although I had my Skytracker out, I didn’t guide my shots for the Meteor Shower.
Skyplot for the Eskimo Nebula NGC 2392

Frames: 24×90″
Integration: 0.6 hours
Avg. Moon age: 28.98 days
Avg. Moon phase: 0.34%

Astrometry.net job: 3448183
RA center: 7h 29′ 6″
DEC center: +20° 54′ 7″
Pixel scale: 0.718 arcsec/pixel
Orientation: 203.298 degrees
Field radius: 0.490 degrees

Full Capture Details on Astrobin

I tried capturing data at 240 Gain (rather than my typical 300), and at three different exposure lengths – 30 second, 90 second & 120 second. Even at the 30 second exposure, the core of the nebula was way too bright. At the 120 second level, much of the nebula was blow out. The Goldilocks principle means that the 90 second version balanced both.

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