Star Trails: Lyrid Meteor Edition

Star Trails across the western evening sky
Almost 3 hours of star trails across the sky on April 22, 2020
My Canon 5D pointing over the neighbour’s cottage.

Wednesday night, one camera was shooting real meteors while another was creating fake ones with star trails!

Over the neighbour’s cottage facing west with nearly 3 hours of 20 second photos stacked on top of each other, the stars streak across the sky that matches the rotation of the earth.

With the lack of humidity in the air (and without a bright moon), the stars began to show their true colours. Stars aren’t white… they’re full of colour. Blues, oranges, reds, and greens (normally nebula not stars), the lack of humidity in the air last night meant the sky was a rainbow.

And that giant fireball in the bottom left? Venus shines so bright it glows through the trees.

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