Messier 51: The Whirlpool Galaxy

Messier 51: The Whirlpool Galaxy
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Another favourite galaxy from the Big Dipper! This time it’s Messier 51, widely known as the Whirlpool Galaxy… and sometimes the “Question Mark” Galaxy. It’s been almost a year since I’ve photographed M51, and my skills have definitely improved! Extremely happy to see the long dust trails that have escaped me in the past.

Capture Details

  • Imaging telescopes or lenses: Celestron EdgeHD 9.25 
  • Imaging cameras: ZWO ASI 294MC PRO
  • Mounts: Celestron CGX 
  • Guiding telescopes or lenses: Orion 50mm Guidescope
  • Guiding cameras: Orion Starshoot Autoguider 
  • Focal reducers: Celestron Reducer, 0.63x 
  • Software: NINA – Nighttime Imaging ‘N’ Astronomy
  • Accessory: Celestron Focus Motor 

  • Dates:March 15, 2021
  • Frames: 33×360″
  • Integration: 3h 18′
  • Avg. Moon age: 1.92 days
  • Avg. Moon phase: 4.10%

Basic astrometry details

  • Astrometry.net job: 4314049
  • RA center: 13h 29′ 59″
  • DEC center: +47° 13′ 1″
  • Pixel scale: 0.529 arcsec/pixel
  • Orientation: 293.148 degrees
  • Field radius: 0.359 degrees

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