Celestron Focus Motor

Celestron Focus Motor

Although I had a Bahtinov, I found that my focus was still suffering. Doing a little research I discovered that my Schmidt Cassegrain telescope suffers from mirror shift as the temperature changes during the night. This is even more of a problem considering I’m right beside a giant body of water that heats and cools during the summer.


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Motor:DC servo motor
Spur gearsBrass, 1:1 gear ratio, 35.2mm diameter, 42 teeth
Focuser shaft couplerAluminum clamping sleeve
MicroprocessorNXP Kinetis series, Arm Coretex-M4 core
AUX port powerPowered by Celestron computerized mount AUX port, connecting cable supplied
USB port powerUSB3 or USB2 providing at least 900mA
DC jack power12V DC, 1A, 5.5mm/2.1mm tip positive plug
Speed rates8°/sec , 32°/sec , 128°/sec
Focuser Steps per Revolution1000 steps
Weight15 oz (.42 kg)