Messier 87 & Photogenic Black Holes

M87 made the news last year when scientists from around the world collaborated to take the first photograph of a black hole. Don’t mix the object above up with the object to the right – the supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy is incredibly tiny when viewed from Earth. One scientist described […]

Messier 108 – The Surfboard Galaxy

Messier 108 is a great example for why we call it Galaxy Season. At this time of year, many of the beautiful galaxies that grace our night skies are high above us. Because you’re shooting straight up, you’ve got much less air to contend with and ultimately get a sharper photo. And with few neighbours […]

Messier 108

M108 – The Surfboard Galaxy Very happy with the detail that came out of the dust clouds along it’s edge! Capture details Frames: 40×240″ (gain: 300.00) Integration: 2.7 hoursDarks: ~25Flats: ~20Bias: ~53Avg. Moon age: 26.10 daysAvg. Moon phase: 12.77% job: 3071718RA center: 11h 11′ 36″DEC center: +55° 42′ 50″Pixel scale: 0.678 arcsec/pixelOrientation: 217.221 degreesField radius: 0.361 degrees Taken with a Celestron 8″ SCT & ZWO ASI 294 […]