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Improve Your Digital Game

I’m Jon Stewart, a sales and marketing executive with more than twenty years of experience in the media industry. I help companies, large and small, leverage the power of digital marketing to grow audiences and revenue.


Calumet Media and Consulting provides services for media companies across North America as well as for local businesses located in Ottawa, the Valley or the Outaouais.

For Media Companies

Sales Training

Learn how to best sell holistic, multi-channel marketing campaigns that align with your client’s objectives.

Business Consulting

Keep up with media’s pace of change by improving hiring practices, management performance and maintaining a proper sales funnel.

Audience Engagement

Leverage your content to drive additional audience and increased revenue from your website and social media.

For Small Businesses

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Ensure your marketing budget is working for you by building accountable strategies tied to a clear return on investment.

Website design

Website Design

Build a professional looking digital footprint that nurtures your leads and converts them into loyal, long-term customers.

Brand creation

Brand Creation

Find your visual identity by designing a brand from the ground up or updating your current logo and creative assets.

What I do for You


From visitors to conversions, access your campaign results live in your own analytics on demand 24/7.


Every company’s objectives are different, and you deserve a strategy that is tailored specifically to your needs.


Never question how your money is being spent or how it’s contributing to your business objectives.

Get In Touch!

Reach out for a free, no-obligation consultation and let’s work together on improving your sales and marketing!

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Otter Lake, Quebec, Canada

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